About Us

We are a small but effective family business who aims to please our customers by providing the best screen, shade and window cleaning services in the Valley of the Sun. 

Sonoran Sun Solutions was founded in late 2016 by owner and operator Michael Lopez. His window cleaning background and screen apprentice work prepared him to open this new business to better cater to customers in the Phoenix metropolitan area. He oversees the work in the field and in the shop, working hands on with everyone on the team and the residential, commercial and contractor customers. With over 19 years experience professional window cleaning, and more than 9 years experience repairing, building and installing screens, Michael's knowledge and skill sets are applied to each job and through the ongoing growth of the team and their abilities to maintain the top notch level of quality work and service.


Services offered by Sonoran Sun Solutions include window screens, a large variety of screen door options, professional window cleaning, patio enclosures, and shade solutions. We cater to residential, commercial, and contractor customers, recognizing that everyone has different needs and expectations. We value each of our customers, and look forward to hearing from them regularly to maintain their screens and clean their windows throughout the seasons. 


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